Authors I Enjoy Reading:

Sarah J. Maas (Author of Throne of Glass)

Michelle Lynn (Author of the Choices)

Kayla Howarth (Author of The Institute)

Kimberly Readnour (Author of Impossible Love)

Linda Higgins (Author of Dawn of the Dreamer)

​Michelle Bryan (Author of Awaken)

I live in Louisiana and love to read and write YA fiction any chance I get. My sun conure, Apollo, and my two dogs, Jasper and Drake, usually keep me company while I write, throwing in ideas of their own. I have a loving husband, Lucien, a beautiful daughter named Henley, and an amazing family who support my passion for writing. I thank God for giving me the strength and imagination to finish novels of my own. I am obsessed with Disney, coffee, and White Chocolate Mochas, especially from Starbucks. I also loves food and am always excited to try new things.

About Me: Bethany Wicker